Anonymous asked:
Hanji has a weird taste in men.
drinkyourfuckingmilk replied:

she spends all day and night chilling and talking about cannibals with giant man eating humanoids, thinks its hilarious when they almost decapitate her, has driven her assistant to alcoholism, doesn’t bathe for weeks, threatens to throw priests off 60-foot high walls, karate chops innocent dining room tables, tortures top military police officials, and dodges fucking bullets and you think her taste in men is weird?

I’m currently on the second day of a five days school trip I decided to go to,right now everyone’s at the disco,dancing,flirting,socializing etc.etc…
And then there’s me,sitting in a corner,reading “Tokyo Ghoul” and “Dogs” while whining about results of the League of Legends championship.
I will die alone,but happy.